me too louise

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john is sherlock’s pressure point

but sherlock isn’t john’s

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sherlock fandom has a thing for angst 

and for self-destruction, obviously

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'Anyone that wears a hat as stupid as this isn't in the habit of hanging around other people, is he?'

Sherlock fanart; ‘The Empty Hearse.’

Needed brushes. Lots of brushes, older brushes, all the brushes.

(fyi; empty hearse best thing i’ve ever seen help me i can’t get up. painting french waiter tomorrow, honhonhon ;))

A great piece of Sherlock fan art.

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A little piece I did back when The Babes had their awesome SDCC event.

I realized I’ve never posted this drawing - and now that Sherlock is back, and it’s freezing out, this seems quite fitting.  

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Anonymous said: I just wanted to say that one of my favorite moments in TEH is after John sees Sherlock's parents and wonders how those two people could have produced Sherlock as their son. John says, "They're so…" and then there's a pause. Sherlock seems to expect him to say "normal," but instead he says "ordinary." Because if Sherlock's parents were "normal," then Sherlock would be "abnormal." But no - John says "ordinary" because he thinks Sherlock is "extraordinary."




I need that “My heart - the nearest cliff” Google Maps image right now.

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I thought it would fit

damn it does

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So now that the episode is out, let me show you thing. They filmed some fake scenes for the fans watching.

the quietly whispered “what the fuck” in horror

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